I want to know what wrong with?

I write a formula with switchif, that can show today’s weekdayname.

If Today was Monday, then show 1
If Today was Thuesday, then show 2
If Today was Wednsday, then show 3
If Today was Thursday, then show 4
If Today was Friday, then show 5
If Today was Saturday, then show 6
If Today was Sunday, then show 7
(I’m not use WeekdayNumber, because I want to change other character.)

Formula was

Please help me, I want to know what wrong with? Thanks!

Hi Cynthia,

Could you share the doc, or a copy of the table with the formula?

It is very difficult to work off a screenshot.


Hi @Cynthia_Lin and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

If the error message you get from Coda when hovering the formula (when the formula editor is closed) tells you something like : “Can’t convert the value to specified format” …

Capture d’écran 2023-05-31 à 23.02.27

… You could try changing the data type of the result returned by your canvas formula from a Date one to Text :blush: .

I think Coda is interpreting the numerals you used as text values here whereas it expects a date :blush: .

I hope this helps :innocent:


Hi, Problem was solve, thanks alot!

Thanks for welcome!
It was worked! Thank you very much!!

My pleasure @Cynthia_Lin :grin: !
Glad to know this now works as expected :raised_hands: !

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