Icon gets translated to coded text when used as Lookup

I’m running into an issue related to how icons / emojis are handled when included in a column that is later used as a lookup.

Specifically what I did is:

  1. Created some pages that have icons
  2. Used @references to those pages in a table display column, creating links. This works fine.
  3. Tried to use that display column as a lookup / select list value in another table. This does not work fine.

What happens is that the icon’s internal code gets appended to the end of the page title. I’m OK with the icon itself not getting carried over to the pill-like styling of a lookup column, but I don’t want this gibberish text appended.

This also happens if the column in question is just a normal hyperlink to the page instead of an @reference.

Below is a toy example that shows this happening.

Any workarounds? Again, I don’t mind that the icons aren’t coming through to the lookup, I just don’t want the random strings being appended to the values.

:wave: Hey there!

The only way I know of as of now to get your page names (with icons) into a select list is by using the Doc Explorer pack. The benefit of using the pack is that it also continually and dynamically updates your select list so its ALWAYS up to date with the pages in your doc

Heres a quick video of how to make it happen:

And if you need to know more about the Doc Explorer pack and how to install it, heres an example doc with lots of helpful resources

Aside from that, and if you don’t care about the icons, you would need to create a formula column in the source table that’s uses some regex() to pull out JUST the name itself. I can help set that up to if that’s or more interest to you!

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Hello @Ben_Taggart!
You could add another column and use this formula to extract the title from the URL.

thisRow.Pages.RegexExtract(“.+(?=.*_)”).RegexReplace(“\W”," ")

You can have a look at this Coda I made to explain creation of links to pages that uses the previous formula to do that. Go to the Using Table Section to check this.

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