If Coda were to have a motto, what would it be?

If you were to give Coda a motto, what would it be? Alternatively, if you were to describe Coda in 1 sentence, what would you say?

I ask because it’d be interesting to see different mottos people might think Coda represents because Coda is so versatile it could mean many different things to different people. As such, ideas from both employees and regular users are welcome.

I’m aware that Coda has what appears to be an unofficial motto (or at least very common phrase), “A doc as powerful as an app.” Although, no company page explicitly states “Our motto is …” and I get this is similar to Google as they also have an unofficial motto, “Don’t be evil.” Used to have… :unamused: but I digress.

Of course, Shishir Mehrotra and other founders of Coda are probably most qualified to answer this question. Lots of respect for the Coda team too. :slight_smile:

This is my 1st post of hopefully many more. As the phrase goes, “Every expert started as a beginner.”
Also, I love Coda more than my cat.
(Don’t worry, I still love her very very much too)


Hi Armin! I love this prompt, so thank you for asking. There’s a reason I’m not on the brand team here at Coda which will probably be obvious when you read my motto but this my take on it.

“Design tools/docs that conform to your needs, and not the other way around.”


Hey Arpin! This is such a great question! Big +1 to Ben’s take on our motto above!

I think I read in some doc, somewhere in our gallery (really wish I could remember which one it was to share with you!), something along these lines and it really stuck with me:

“To bring words, data, and teams together on a unified surface with infinite room to grow your ideas.”


What a cool question! Also, please give your cat tons of pets from me. For me, here are my Coda mottos that I would totally print on t-shirts:

“Everyone is a maker.”
“Collaboration without compromise.”
“A Coda doc is the expression of a human brain and heart in technology.”

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“looks like a doc, works like an app”


Love this question! I’m terrible at mottos, but I’d do something like:

“Create a doc; create opportunities.”

I also really dig our current campaign “Everything Evolves

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Hi Ben! I really like your idea! That is exactly what Coda feels like to me. As though I am not restricted by the app; the app is restricted by my own creativity. I have gone through so many previous “business management” and “productivity platforms” but none are like Coda. Your motto really catches the difference!

Hey Maria! Extra pets to her have been given. :smiling_face:
Yeah, I would totally put those on t-shirts too!

For me it’d be “A doc as powerful as an app”. This used to be the tagline once, and IMO it’s the one that reflects what Coda is the most accurately.

  • It’s a doc, not an app or an app builder. This is important to understand because most of Coda’s limitations are actually because of it being designed as a doc.
  • It’s still as powerful as an app: there are tools that allow recreating many sorts of workflows similarly to how custom apps are built.
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Here’s my marketed take on it :

“Ever tried running your life on Excel ?”
“Don’t bother - Coda has a pack for that.”


I think the couple of mottos coda currently uses are best…

Coda, LEGO for docs.


Not usable as a motto, but the line that always stuck out to me from an online review was “Google docs on steroids”.

I like it especially because there are a lot of people stuck in excel/word/sheets land that could really benefit from moving to things like Coda, and there are a lot of users using more bespoke tools like Jira/Confluence that could benefit from simpler, adapted solutions.

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I personally think this is the best motto.

@Michael_Singer , @Xyzor_Max , I agree: "Looks like a doc, works like an app"

Coda is more than a document, it’s magic at your fingertips. It allows you to create documents that are easy to read, easy to update and easy to share with anyone in the world.


Coda is a comprehensive, beautiful and collaborative application that allows you to create beautiful documents. It simplifies the way you create, update and share documents with your team.

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