Image Breaking!

It seems as those your image hosting service is not very good. On multiple occasions, across multiple documents an image that was once hosted correctly and rendered as expected failed to render. Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 5.55.25 PM

It’s very frustrating as we rely heavily on your ability to host and render images.

does anyone else experience this issue?

Hi @Nicole_Scalamandre,

We’ve seen this before, but only very sporadically. It’s been difficult to reproduce in any reliable way. Is your “Screenshots” column a formula and is it formatted as an Image URL or Images that are uploaded?

Hey @BenLee
thank you for this feedback.
We have encountered this issues with uploaded images. Specifically…

  • Images uploaded directly into the document (not in a table)
  • Images uploaded to a table
  • Images referenced (via a lookup from another table).

We have not had an issue embedding images to date.