Images uploading out of order?

I have around 100 images, all of them are named 1.jpg to 100.jpg, and when I drag and drop them into a Coda canvas, they all appear out of order, like 12, 15, 21, etc. How can I upload them in order without drag-and-dropping them one at a time?

This is for a webcomic, with dozens of issues, each consisting of a hundred or so separate images.

Hi there,

To upload your images in order on Coda, try this:

  1. Rename Your Images: Add leading zeros to your file names so they sort correctly. For example, rename 1.jpg to 001.jpg, 2.jpg to 002.jpg, and so on.

  2. Batch Rename Tool: Use a batch renaming tool to do this quickly. Here’s a little script to help:On Windows:

$i = 1
Get-ChildItem -Filter *.jpg | ForEach-Object {
    Rename-Item $_ -NewName (“{0:D3}.jpg” -f $i)

On Mac/Linux:

for i in *.jpg; do
    mv "$i" $(printf "%03d.jpg" $a)
    let a=a+1

  1. Upload to Coda: Now, drag and drop your renamed files into Coda, and they should appear in the right order!

This should make it much easier to keep your webcomic images in sequence!

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