Implementing an automatic increment ID

Hello im trying to implement a ‘process internal ID’ into my project.

So i have the main database ‘Clients" table with my clients’ informations. On a dashboard i want to show the active processes of the project based on the current status wich i did it with a simple table view filtering the fields i want to show. Now i want to implement an internal ‘process ID’ that when a particulary value of a clients’ row changes the status it should generate a ‘process ID’ for that client and to be shown on the Dashboard. Should i implement on another table or can i do it with just a simple table view?

Also how can i increment the value of the ID whenever a new process is created?

Thank you

Dear @Tiago_Godinho

This should get you on track:


I recommend storing the value of the last written ID to a control value via SetControlValue, just in case a row is added and later removed while it was still the last row. This way new rows cannot accidentally assume the ID of a previous row if it was added and then removed.


Thank you very much for your reply, what i cant seem to workaround is that the ID must only be made when the status of my client changes to active. can i implement the ID on the clients table or should i make a new table for the processes with the IDs implementation?

that is definitely something that i will need to implement as well because the IDs must be unique even if a process is canceled/deleted. Thank you for your insight!

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For the ID part, why just do not use the RowID? You can insert the concatenate, and create a prefix, for example:

Captura de Tela 2023-12-07 às 4.05.16 PM

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This worked perfectly! thank you.

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