Increment a progress bar by way of column buttons

Hi all, I hacked together a way to increment progress bars via button clicks using two separate but linked tables. I wanted to ask if anyone could “check my homework” and suggest areas of improvement.

How it works: Click the ‘Advance’ button in Table 1. It looks at Table 2 and filters by Name (lookup column) = thisRow.
It then updates the Completed column in Table 2 using:

[Table 2].Filter(Name = thisRow).Completed + 1

The progress bar in table 1 is filled in using this convoluted formula that I feel could be written better, but don’t know how:

RoundDown(([Table 2].Filter(Name=thisRow).Completed / [Table 2].Filter(Name=thisRow).Total) * 100, 0)

Also, Table 2 uses a lookup column to sync with each row in Table 1; I had to manually select the value for each row. It wasn’t a big deal for a small table but I can imagine it being a nuisance for bigger ones - any better ways to link a table to another row by row like this? Or is it best practice to keep something like this all in one table and then just hide the filler columns?

Thank you so much!

Actually in the ‘Progress bar’ settings, you can insert formula to define the min and max values.
So in this case you can set the max values to equal Table2’s ‘Total’, filtered by ‘Name’.

But maybe even better suggestion, if you intend to create complex tables but all based on the same base items (for example in this case the Name column as ‘Display column’), instead of lookup, you can consider create views from Table1 instead of creating new tables with lookup columns as base item.
This approach of using Views will keep the data within the same table, instead of pulling data across different tables using complex formulas.

Thank you for the suggestions, Sathya! I will definitely make use of the min/max values, I’m assuming by doing that I can avoid the need to manually calculate the increment values.

Great tip to keep one complex table and make views from it; I haven’t been making enough use of this functionality. The lookup table felt redundant, so I think doing it this way will solve that.

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