Progress bar column and formulas

Hello! My first question to the community! How do I create a formula in a progress bar column that divides the number of checked boxes vs unchecked boxes from a list in the cell, in the same row, in a text column in the same table so that the output (quotient) is the incremental value for the concordant progress bar in the same row; to show progress?


hopefully i explained that right

Hi @d_y

I asked the same question last week. If I assume that your Future Steps column is a canvas with only checklists, here is the solution, thanks to @Paul_Danyliuk > Access Checklist info inside a canvas

  • You must split your canvas column with Split(Linebreak)
  • Then use Paul’s Code for both checked and unchecked tasks
  • Create columns with .Count() to count the both columns mentionned before
  • Create the total
  • And finally in your progress bar, you can for example set max to 1, and make a formula with CheckTasksCount/TotalTasksCount to have the %, like in my own document


Hope this is OK ?



yes! it helped me. thank you! this case is closed :slight_smile:

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