Automatic Progress Bar based on Checkboxes

I would like to have a progress bar column in a table that automatically updates based on the checked boxes in another table.

So, basically, I created this dummy example;

“Action Tracker Table” has the general action points i need to work on.

“Action Itemised” below is a lookup of the above but grouped and check boxes to be able to add individual action points. Once I keep checking the boxes the column “Progress” in the first table automatically updates to reflect a % progress (so, calculates based on the number of checkboxes each action has)

I hope I am making sense and very grateful if someone could help me!

Hi @Miguel_Gomez

  • Start to find the finished checkbox in action itemised for current action with this formula

  • The same for total check, without the conditionning for check is true

  • Progress bar will be Finished Check / Total Check, and enjoy !


Is that what you wanted ?



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That’s perfect!
Thanks so much!!!

Be my guest, I entered it directly into your shared document (thanks for that btw, it’s 100x easier to understand and complete the issue you may have !)


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