Re-creating the progress bar dynamic update in the to-do list with status bar

Hi there! I’m relatively new to Coda, so this might be a silly question.

I’m trying to recreate the formula for a dynamic progress bar update, like the one found in the “To Do List with Progress Bar” template. I’d like the progress bar to lookup associated tables and update when a “Done” box is checked.

I tried to pull a formula from the template but couldn’t really see anything. Does anyone know how to do this? TIA!

Hi @Lydia_Nichols , and welcome to the community. First of all, there is absolutely no silly question ! Never ! We have all started somewhere, and you’ll the community is truly benevolent.

I can suggest two easy use cases to understand.

1. Having a global progress bar on a unique table

You’ve this workaround, with a table, and you’d like to track the “done” tasks out of the total

Then Create your progress bar like that, counting the number of not blank task, for status=done

The same without AND Status=Done for the total.


  1. Second interesting example, using progress bar inside a table, refering to subtasks

In this example, i’ve also got a subtask table, with a lookup to main table 1. You can auto reference it to display the subtask linked to a given task like that :smiley:

Then, in your Table 1, you can get how much subtasks are checked as “done”, and do the same to get progress bar inside the table. Like above, Count your total tasks and those where Done is checked

Then you can set an inline progress bar in table 1, with SubtaskDone/SubtaskTotal

Please find the embed doc to help you play with this quick example, and let me know if you need extra explanation, that’s always a pleasure to help :wink:

Cheers !


You’re awesome, thank you!!

Trying to be :smiley: Be my guest, that’s great helping people to enjoy the possibilities given by Coda :wink:

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