Progress Bar updates based on row status

Hi community! I browsed a bunch of examples, but haven’t find this specific case for Progress Bar.
I’m looking for a solution to automatically update value of Progress Bar based on value for column status in one table.
What I mean is:

  1. I want to auto update value for Progress Bar to 100, when Status for row is “Completed”
  2. When Status is “Canceled”, Progress Bar value should be 0
  3. Otherwise I want manually update status if condition 1 or 2 isn’t true

I tried to solve it via IF function, but it works only for auto-population and in this case I can’t manually update other rows.

Could you help me with that please?

Hi !

I think it’s something “impossible” in Coda.

The workaround is to have button to mark “Completed” or to mark “Canceled” and when you click, you change the status + the %.

But it’s not perfect because it means that if the personne changes the status directly, the % will be false. You can make the status locked and control it only with the buttons but you will have one button per items in your status list. (or maybe just 2 arrows, next step and previous step ?)

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