Formula Help - Adding progress bar to table

Here’s my scenario - I have a DB page where I’m aggregating total reps of particular exercises in a table.

On another subpage (Where a user can record reps for a single workout session) I have lookup elements for each exercises name and adjacent to those I have a progress bar element for each (This isn’t a table because on mobile the UI isn’t suitable). I’ve created a button above all the elements that should add the workout session amounts for each exercise to the DB page.

My challenge is coming up with a formula that takes the progress bar number for each exercise and adds it to the current total in the DB page. Refer to the screenshots below.

Hey there @Amir_Banihashemi !

In your setup it’s going to have to be one button that runs X amount of ModifyRows() actions

  • X being the number of excercises you are recording

So in your screenshot you would have 6 ModifyRows() actions for the 6 excercises all wrapped in a RunActions() formula

Then your ModifyRows() formula would look something like:
ModifyRows(@pushup, reps, (@pushup.reps + pushupControl))

Hopefully that makes sense! Make sure to @ reference your rows to find them easily


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