Import Stack Overflow for Teams data

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience in migrating Stack Overflow for Teams data into Coda.

We have been using Stack Overflow for Teams for the past year or so and have a wealth of information in it. We have since created an intranet site using Coda and would like to fold in the data from Stack Overflow so that we just have the one knowledge management platform.

I’d be interested to hear where anyone has had success with creating a Q&A section in a Coda doc within an organisation and how that has been executed. Also very interested to know if anyone has had any joy in importing Stack Overflow data in a nice readable format. Stack Overflow can have multiple answers to a question and the ability to upvote and mark an answer as ‘Accepted’.

TIA for your guidance!

Hi Tom! Looks like there is a third-part Stack Overflow Pack that might be of use to you: