Increment and Decrement buttons for number column types

Increment and decrement buttons are very useful for quickly editing numeric fields in tables without having to perform the usual select cell, backspace, type. Would be nice to have an option in number column types (both the main number and its sub-types like currency) to include small - and + buttons in each field of the column. Even just with defaults it would be very useful. It could have some customizability, for example “Disable If” formulas for each, the option to toggle - and + button presence individually, and set the increment value.

Arguably this feature is already possible with buttons in their own columns, but it’s pretty tedious to do this for many tables or columns in the same table. Also does not render well in alternate views of the table such as forms. If there is some Button Concatenation magic that can be done to remedy these drawbacks I’d love to know!

Surprisingly couldn’t find an existing topic about this (please lmk if I missed it).

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yes, you can implement your own buttons, but it is indeed tedious when you have many values.

a part-way solution is to use Slider column types.

when the user clicks on the slider control, they can increment and decrement the value using the right-arrow and left-arrow keys.

just a suggestion.


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