Im trying to increase a thing by +1

I am trying to make this work

I want the button to add another number to the thing and I want the second button to remove a thing. Hope that makes sense.

You’ll need to update the sharing settings to public for that doc, but if I understand you correctly here’s how you’d do it:

Forgive my ignorance - but I am a newbie. I did update the preference so that anyone can edit. Thanks for that. However I can not get it to work. If I just type it in it put it in quotes. If i hit the = it brings up formulas but not the one you so eloquently wrote. I get thisRow but I don’t see thisRow.Number.


Ah ok - let me show you. You were on the right track with equals sign.

  • You don’t see it clearly but I’m hitting equals to bring up the formula builder
  • Coda won’t always give you a list of all the possibilities (cause they’re more or less endless!) but if you start typing something in a formula, it will suggest what you might mean. Hit tab to accept suggestions.

Edit: I’ve updated your doc as well for the increment button - give it a try for the decrement button

Nick_HE I think I figured it out. I was failing to add a “.” so it was not finding the formula. I got the decrease button working. It is very satisfying!

Thank you!

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