Integration with OneDrive/O365

My work (and I would assume many other large companies) do not allow any company data on Google Drive. Coda has been great for my personal projects and to do lists with family and document sharing on O365 leaves much to be desired. It would be wonderful if we could at least use our microsoft logins and store the files on OneDrive.


Second this :slight_smile:

but not only onedrive. Outlook 365 to connect my work email…

Hey Francesco

Have you tried connecting your work email via Zapier? Although you can’t use an O365 account as a login credential for Coda, I believe it is possible to connect Outlook 365 to Zapier, and then push and pull information from/to Coda from there.

Hi Tim,
That’s a nice alternative… waiting for a native integration! I’ll definitely have a look! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip!

Also would love O365 – although Google is used by many companies, O365 has a huge number of companies on it @shishir

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So, is there any updates in 2022?

Following. Any updates in 2023? I see we have packs for Outlook and Teams, but I feel like we should have a pack for OneDrive, just like we have one for Google Drive. I need it for a project, too.

By the way, why are the Microsoft integrations part of the Enterprise plans and Google integrations in the lower tiers? They seem to be pretty much the same kind of thing.

Hey there @Alberto_Delgado !

The OneDrive pack is here - and rather extensive! More extensive in features than the GoogleDrive pack.

I’m also pack developer so if you need any more features just reach out!

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Nice! I’ll be sure to check it out

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