Is Daily Habit Tracking Like This Possible?

I’ve been playing around with Coda for the past few weeks, but I have yet to figure out how I would go about creating something like this:

I feel like it’s possible with Coda, but I’m not sure where to start. To begin with, I’m primarily interested in the Boolean and Counter tracking features:

Any help?

It is possible, but it will involve some extra logic.

There’s no easy way to display a different set of controls for different rows (i.e., done/clear for boolean and +1/-1 for integer fields). BUT it is possible to make two buttons and have them display different labels and do different actions based on some column value.

Don’t have time to build a demo at the moment, maybe tomorrow.

P.S. And welcome to the community!


Here you go:


This is too cool! I will play around with it. Thank you so much!

This template was created by someone in the community that is related to daily habit tracking, but is focused more on “streaks.” Worth checking out!