Task manager + habit tracker

Hi all! Just wanted to show off this simple-ish task manager that I made for this semester, which I am excited to keep adding features to as I need them. It started out as a way for me to keep track of all my school deadlines, but then I added a “today” page with a to do list that automatically adds the tasks that are “scheduled” for that day. It also has all my daily habits, with a bar that turns green when I’ve completed all of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That’s awesome @zoglow!

Do you have a sample doc or template that you could share? It would be really cool to see how everything works.


Hi! I’m new to coda. I’d like to explore your solution. It looks interesting. Can you please share a template?

I would like to soon, but I think I need to remake some things so that people can’t see my personal info in the history of the doc. Thank you for your interest!

I would love to share, but I need some time to remake the doc so that my personal info isn’t in the history :slight_smile:

@BenLee @Edouard_Shamis

Hey! I just copied a version of the doc that doesn’t have my personal info, and then added a bit of explanation for each page.

Here is the link to view this version of the doc, I will try to make it a real template asap: https://coda.io/d/Zoes-Task-Manager_dNJplwM32hQ


This is great @zoglow, thank you so much!

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Good template for habit .
What if just in one page(Section) to track habits with calendar view . that’s more simple.

I haven’t added a calendar view yet, but you could try that for sure!