My habit-building / self-motivation technique

I just realized I never shared this in the community.

Presenting Paul’s Plan — my original habit-building technique and my first Coda doc ever. That’s the one I learned Coda with, and the one I submitted for the PH Makers Festival. And the technique itself has a long history that goes back to 2012.

Perhaps someone else can too find it helpful. You’ll need to copy the doc to use it.


Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk, you’re an inspiration. Tried ThreeDo last week and was really impressed by the UI.

I use Loop Habit Tracker for Android, but it’s more of a binary daily did/didn’t. Yours will certainly help tracking actual time spent.

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Thanks for the kind words!

BTW, I’m myself tracking my work on with this template:

As one can see, this technique is more forgiving than a simple “don’t break the chain” one. It allows to skip some days given that you have outdid your goals on some other days.


This is awesome! I like how you walk the user through each step of the setup process with clear instructions for each step :raised_hands:

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There’s one problem with this doc though. For some reason, the “send email notification” automation is failing. I’m still getting notifications, only that they are “Automation bot: automation failed” ones :upside_down_face:

No idea where my setup is wrong. Maybe because I’m trying to send emails as automation bot and not as myself? But it worked when I was building the template. It seems to not work in doc copies.

That’s strange, when I look at the automation it says it’s set up to send from the user’s private gmail account. Do you show something different?

No, it’s the same. And yet I’m getting this all the time:

I think I might’ve changed it to “user’s private account”, because “send as automation bot” didn’t work just as well. I don’t remember really. I don’t even remember if it ever worked from automation — sending test email (when pressing “enable notifications” during the onboarding flow) does work though.

P.S. Running the test on the automation rule works. But when automation time comes, for some reason it doesn’t.

Hello @Paul_Danyliuk,
first let me mention that I love your doctor. It’s easy The workflow is simple, but well structured. I like simple solutions.

There is a problem that can be solved by editing. If there is no goal set up the doc crashes on mobile version of coda (tried both Android and IOS). As soon as the goal is set it works also mobile. So a small hint in your guide will save some time.

Nevertheless briliant, nice, clean work!!

Cheers Thomas

Thanks. Interesting, never saw the crashes. Will look into that. I guess that’s because some formulas are broken when there’s data missing.