Is granular splitting possible of date and time in coda?

We use following formulas to split date and time
Date column:
=thisRow.[Date and Time].ToDate()
Time column:
=thisRow.[Date and Time].ToTime()

But what if I need to split it even further into month name, hours, minutes?

[Explanation of my use case: I have a form to fill up where the date has to be mentioned in the described format. Month, hours, minutes, AM/PM etc. I’ll be using automation to copy the values from coda doc and paste in the form.]

You are in luck.

Hour(), Date() and Minute() are gonna be your best friends!

Thanks for the prompt response.

I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with month name and AM/PM column.

Oh sorry! Didn’t fully see the other aspects of your request.

If you want month name use MonthName() and if you want AM/PM just use Right(2) on your time column which simply extracts the last two characters from the column

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I just finished typing switchif formula for each month number and its respective name :joy:
But good to know
it solves

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