Is it possible to automatically add subpages to a table?

Infinite subpages is great, but without the ability to filter or sort them, it lacks usable functionality for me. I know you can use “@” to reference a page, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to get a dynamic array of those subpages and have them appear in a table—one row per page, and if I delete the page, it deletes the row.


There is no way currently to dynamically do this. There are a few product request items on this; the Coda team is aware of interest in this.

What I do to get around this is a bit hacky but works okay. I have a table called “Notes”. Each row is attached to a Coda page by that page’s URL. Each row has a “View Note” button that opens the URL. I then have a Note Template page favorited, which includes a select list looking up to the Notes table. When I need to create a note, I click a “New Note” button, name my note, then duplicate the Note template, open it, hit the select list, associate the page with the Note table record. Now associated, there’s a collapsed view in the template that filters the Notes table to just the selected note record, allowing me to very quickly copy and paste the URL of the page into that record. (also makes it easy to associate the Note / page with other stuff).

This is not nearly as annoying as it sounds, and if it sounds interesting I can share pictures (I’m not sure how much of that made sense). But it is definitely on the hacky side. Like I wouldn’t want to put a note-creation process like that in front of a team of people (I use Coda for personal use).

Ah, that’s unfortunate, but thanks for the suggestion. On first read, it does sound pretty complex, but it might be in the direction I’m looking for—I’m going to take a look at it step-by-step and see if I can figure it out/build on it.

I’m curious if you ever had success with this. I’m currently revisiting my old Notes system and playing with a couple new ideas, although all still ultimately revolving around finding quicker/more efficient ways to associate a Page/subpage with a row in a table.

I think the primary shortcoming is the absence of any ability in Coda to actually trigger the creation of a page or subpage. You can’t do it with a formula, with an automation bot action, a button, Zapier… :D. If I had the ability to trigger the creation of a page it would make this all much smoother.

I didn’t, no.
I just resorted to the manual process of opening a new tab, creating the page, copying the URL and pasting it as a cell in my master table.

Overall I’ve paused any plans to migrate entirely to Coda. There’s some lapses in feature execution that bug me and make some parts unpleasant to use as my all-in-one solution.

The search continues…