Is it possible to display numbers on charts without hovering on it

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question, is it possible to display numbers on chart without hovering on it ?
Without hovering on my chart here is the result

When hovering I can see the numbers

Thank you


More seriously, you cant do that with in-system coda chart. With all the love I have to coda, must admit that Chart have lots of possible improvement.
Anyway that’s one of the reason why I began to work on SVG…,but this is also not very flexible, that’s not possible to create X svg for X chart, and difficult to customize, etc…

Haha, I saw your tips on Twitter !
Not sure I’ll have a lot of time to spend on this trick, even though I love what you did especially with the Gantt chart !
If not possible, I’ll work with that !

Yes, that was kind of a joke. I’d rather also use native chart, the native gantt is quite great, as well as the calendar that display too less information, and also the cart that are OK but with poor possible customization. For professional presentation, I create some dashboard with the table next to the cart if possible

wait and see…

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