Is there a way to allow user to chose oauth urls during authentication step?


I would like to create a pack that let users chose a site before authenticating using oauth.

The use case is, the service I’m trying to connect to uses a different user pool for each organization so the user must know the user pool (e.g., site) to connect to in order for the pack to identify the oauth authorization/token urls to call.

The OAuth2 authentication type only takes in a single url and post setup only works after authentication. Is there a way to do a “pre setup”, or alternative way to make the above ask possible?


Hi @Peter_Hu - Unfortunately that isn’t possible today. The OAuth authorization and token URLs must be set at build time, and can’t be changed dynamically by the user during the install. Can you provide more information about the API you are attempting to connect to?

Hi Eric,

Appreciate the quick confirmation. This is for Strac (, a security SaaS company. The reason why we use separate sites and user pools is to provide physical silos for our clients. We would like to preserve this property for our coda clients if possible.

What’s the best way to submit a feature request, do you know if a request like this could be fulfilled in the coming months?


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