Is there a way to autocheck a checkbox if I add the row to another table?

I created a time log table for my invoices table and one of the fields in my time log table is a checkbox field for invoices. Is there a way to auto check that whenever I add the time log to an invoice?

Hi @Zach_Dyer you should be able to do this with an automation.

For specific help do you mind sharing your doc or a sample doc here.

I created an example doc. It has two tables. One is the Time log the other is the invoice table. The time log handles the amount of hours worked and the invoices calculate the total based on those hours. The time log table has a checkbox field for it’s invoice status. I don’t know how to auto check those boxes when they are used in the invoice. Also I don’t want to accidentally charge twice for the same time. So I open to ideas on how to prevent that from happening.

Hello @Zach_Dyer,

I think the following formula set on the “Invoiced” checkbox column will get you what you need:

=Invoices.[Time Logs].ListCombine().Contains(thisRow)

It works by combining all invoice’s time logs into a single list, then searching for the current row to see if it has been connected to an Invoice yet, thanks!