Is there a way to create Button to push and response as Ctrl+P for printing

I would like to know if we could use this formula CHARACTER() in the button to push Ctrl+P for printing page and if yes, how do i do it?

Hi @Korn_Tris :blush: !

I could be completely wrong here but I’d say no :blush:

Character() will output a character (matching a Unicode character number), just a simple text value, nothing more …

E.g.: using Character(33) will output an exclamation point → !

Whereas when hitting Ctrl/Cmd + P on your keyboard, you’re asking your browser to print the page you’re on :blush: .
(Well, at least, whatever web browser I ever used, Ctrl/Cmd + P was always the hotkey to print something :innocent: )

Character() doesn’t have that kind of power, it can’t hit the keys on the keyboard for you :innocent: (AFAIK) …

Maybe a Pack could get there though :woman_shrugging: … or maybe our Dear Codans could add a PrintPage() action formula :relaxed:

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I cam to the same conclusion. Character(016) (Ctrl-P) just prints a blob. I think for Ctrl-P to work, it has to come directly from the keyboard, so that Chrome/browser can grab it before it gets to the document.

Using Character() is too late in the flow.

My understanding.