Print From Chrome Failing in Recent Version Change?

Until recently I have had no trouble printing documents from Chrome (or any browser for that matter). Print (on a Mac) seems to think every document is a single page. New bug?

Hey Bill! We have a bug fix out for this so you should be seeing the functionality performing as expected by tomorrow. Feel free to reach out to or respond here if the issue is persisting for you.

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Dear Charlotte,

When selecting “print” from the doc menu, initially it will select all the pages.

The shortcoming is that the pages in my doc have no page numbers, but are indentified with a name.

When selecting print from the browser menu, the active page is selected to be printed out

Both are “Ctrl + P” or “Cmd + P” according the menus, do you have an idea what is behind the different behaviour?

And maybe we should see page numbers in the created doc, (not to be printed out) to give info on what is the page number when printing.