Error trying to print

Hi guys, today i’ve found one error that i don’t think it’s my fault, and it’s a bug.
I have a table that i’m filtering from top like this:

Until here, everything’s working fine, but i’m finding a problem when trying to print.
When you do CTRL+P, it shows you the error that you have to print going to the Print & PDF tab, and there, i’ve found this problem:

It doesn’t matter if i export it to PDF or not, the error keeps showing up.
Any solution?

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Same Here!! In all docs

Hmm :thinking:

I can reproduce the Ctrl/Cmd + P issue on my Mac + Chrome (112+) on certain pages…

If there’s no grouped table in the page currently opened it’ll will tell me this :point_down: when I hit Cmd + P:

If there’s a grouped table in the page currently opened and I hit Cmd + P, I don’t get any error message but the preview is very weird looking as everything seem to have been “redacted” (whether the table is grouped on the left or on the top)

Exporting as pdf using the Print & PDF seems also to be a bit moody :thinking:

The only thing I can suggest you here is to report this to the Support through Intercom, if you haven’t done so already :pensive:

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we have the same problem, it happens when the table you want to print is grouped by some column

same problem. with safari and chrome.

Yup, I’m having the exact same issue here when tables are grouped by a column.

No data actually shows up other than the totals at the bottom. All that’s seen are generic placeholders where the data is supposed to be.

If the grouping is removed, it seems to print or export to PDF properly, but unfortunately, this is certainly not a work-around for these documents since grouping is the entire point.

This same issue is present in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and FireFox and in all documents if grouping by a column is present.

This issue appears to be “fixed” now, although it seems to have some wonky blank pages in the print job. Other than that, it’s printing actual numbers now, so I’m happy :slight_smile:

I am also having this same issue. A table with a grouped column used to print just fine…

@Pedro_Jimenez, @Douglas_F_Oliveira, @Ximo_Escamilla, @Christoph_Morsdorf, @Michael_Kadron and @Robert_Moore : This seems to have been fixed from my side of the screen :grin: !

Yes, it is fixed. Thanks for the job Coda!

Sorry for this issue. As Pch mentions, it was fixed with yesterday’s (Mon 17th) update.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.


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