Is there a way to reset empty table Row IDs?

I am creating a template out of an existing document.
For the purpose of the template I deleted the rows within most of the tables.
How can I reset the Row_IDs of these tables in the template?
To elaborate:
I use the Row_ID to identify entities (for example, requirements will be identified as “REQ_[row_id]”).
I would like to reset those IDs in the empty tables provided with the template.
How do I do that?
How do I reset the IDs in an empty table OR how do I create a template while making sure all tables row IDs are reset from the first place?
Thank you!

Rows IDs will always be unique (meaning they won’t reset even if certain rows are deleted) - The best way to get a sequential count in your rows/tables even when things are deleted is to do:

  • ThisTable.find(thisRow)

That will output a sequential list starting at 1 all the time!


There is no easy way to do this although there is a workaround that may work in certain cases if you don’t need table references. See this forum post:


Thank you for the answer.
I use the row_id as a unique identifier trusting it will not change in any circumstances (even if rows are added, deleted, moved, etc.).
I believe this solution will not be useful in this case.


Thank you for the answer.
I am aware of this workaround, but since I have many tables and view, I am not sure how can it be used without breaking the dependencies.
I’ll try to think about some kind of a workaround for the workaround… :slight_smile:

Thank you @Ed_Liveikis, it worked.
It required some manual effort, I did it branch by branch, into a temp doc, before creating a template.


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