Reset table rowId counter?

I have a PM project template that has been used in other projects and cleared out (by removing all table rows and then duplicating the document to remove the change history from the history views).

Is there a more explicit way to reset a document? Specifically I’d like a way to clear history of a table to reset it to a clean state, e.g. rowId() of the first row would return 1.

Currently a new project using my template starts with rowId() around near 1000, which is not ideal if I’m going to be using them for things like pull requests.


You can highlight a table, then copy/paste it into a new doc. You’ll see “Paste Options” popup and you can choose to pull in no rows and just table headers. This will set your row ID to 1.

It’s a little bit of a manual process, but if you put everything that’s intertwined with formulas in one section, you highlight everything in that section and paste it in the new doc.

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Thanks @BenLee! Yea I realize this probably isn’t at the top of the priority list :slight_smile:

It’s great that there is a manual solution for now.