Is there a way to use simple data, or simple lookups?

Is there a way to create something like a “config” object?

There are quite a few places in my documents that would use the same text, or a number, etc.

Aside from a single row table, is there some kind of object, like JSON but easier to edit?

Barring that, is there an easier way to grab a row of a table rather than looking up by table, column, value?

if you could explain your use case @espresso, it would help community to provide you other tips/suggestions.

Also, you can always do @ to directly refer to a specific row in your document.

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Another guy asked about this, well, there are no textboxes, but you can use a table with one only space and hide the title and hide the gridlines to kindda do the trick

I think what he means is that he wants a label or a textbox because he refers to the same data all the time (i used label and textbox because that’s what c# uses)

thanks. actually this works for me. I can just have a table with “config” in the name and all my attributes that i want to access in the other fields…

This is good enough for my use! thank you!