ISO Date format disappeared?

Hi all,

since some days I can’t select anymore the yyyy-mm-dd format on the column format.
Or did something changed on the settings I did not see?

Many thanks for your help! :pray:

Hi @Thomas_Schulz :blush: !

Yes… Due to the last update of Chrome (Chrome 110), the ISO Date format can’t be rendered when using Coda on Chrome :pensive:
But the ISO Date format is still available on FireFox and Safari though :blush:

And I know our dear Codans are trying to fix this :blush: !

Maybe, if you can, you could try to use another browser while waiting for this issue to be solved ?

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A small add-on @Thomas_Schulz as I just learned that this has in fact been fixed :partying_face: and that the fix should be live tomorrow (Feb 16th) around 12:00 PM/1:00 PM PST :grin: !

Don’t forget to refresh your browser when testing this tomorrow :blush: !

Thank you so very much Dear Codans :raised_hands: !

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Thanks @Pch for your help! :tada:

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