Issue with emailing a table using a button

I’ve created a “Product Digest Table” that is updated weekly. Someone copies and pastes it to an email every week to send it around. Since the copy/paste is somewhat clumsy/dificult, I want to create a button that just sends the table to a group of people.

The problem is when I reference the “Product Digest Table” as the Content in the button form it just prints the values of the display column (in this case a list of products). Is there something I can do so it just displays the entire table as it’s shown on the page with all of the informational columns?

Worst case scenario, I can reference the page itself as the content and it drafts an email with the entire table, formatted appropriately, but requires deleting text above/below the table that’s not relevant for the email.

Hey John, thanks for posting this question here. Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible to email just a table. Instead - just as you suspected - you’d have to email the entire page. You can even create a hidden page that has just the table you want, filtered how you want, with no other text on it. And then just send this hidden page via email. So you don’t have to keep messing with the main page/table you use.

Hopefully that helps, but let me know if you have questions :+1:

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@Lena_Webster Thanks for the clarification and workaround!

There is a solution now, thanks to @Courtney_Milligan1’s pack release!


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