Issue with hyperlinkcard when expanding table row


I encounter a strange problem when using hyperlinkcard(url) formula : the card works perfectly on table view, but fails when expanding the row.

Here is a simple way to reproduce the issue (column ‘card’ use the above formula) :


I didn’t have this issue before, am I the only one ?

Thank you for your help,
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Hi @Maxence_Walbrou :blush: !

Hmmm :thinking:

I can indeed reproduce this issue on Chrome (110+) … So, to answer your question, no, you’re not the only one :blush: .

A workaround could be to use a canvas/notes field to store the HyperlinkCard() or Concatenate() the HyperlinkCard() within a Text field…



or written in a more “wrapped” way, this :


I would suggest you to contact the amazing Coda Support and report this through Intercom (by clicking on the big question mark ? which should be sitting at the bottom right of your screen when you’re in a doc, then selecting Get support in the menu and finally clicking on Send us a message :blush: )

I honestly can’t remember how this was working before, as it has been quite a long time since I’ve used HyperlinkCard() (I prefer embeds :innocent: ) but I don’t think I ever needed to Concatenate() the card before :thinking:

I could be perfectly wrong here though :blush:

Wow ! I am so impressed by the dedication you had to create such answer :star_struck:
Thank you so much here :pray: Your workaround worked for me.

Would you (in just a few words) explain me why this .Concatenate() changes everything ?

When reading the formula documentation, I just see it is used to concatenate elements. (So here, it is concatenating the card with… nothing :thinking: ?)

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