Allow URLs to be displayed as Embed or Card in a Table

I know Coda has got some great Templates or Packs for YouTube or Wikipedia.
I would like to display a URL as an Embed or a Card in a Table field. I know it does not work in a text field (which would be great). Any solution for this or is this on the list?

You can use either Embed() or HyperlinkCard() in a text field to do that :blush: and of course a field containing the URLs.

But, it might not work with all the sites though :confused:

Thank you. I will try.

You’re welcome :blush: !

I just copied the coda doc “Community II”. Very useful. Is there also a doc “Community I”?

@JHConsulting : Yes there is one :point_right: here :blush:.

But both (“Community” and “Community II”) are quite messy and a lot of the samples don’t necessarily have the explanations that goes with them as I tend to give those in the topic/post for which I’ve created a specific sample.

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