Issues with relations

So I’m having an issue with relations not carrying their rows data.

For example I have a table with projects, tasks, and materials. ( I have more but just for example.) The problem I have is if I’m looking at my projects table I will have a task relation, and a material relation. Say I want to add a task from the projects table and the task is assigned to a certain project. The simple way is to click on the tasks column and “add new” however that task won’t carry over the relation from that project row and will instead put that task in the tasks table without a related project. Is it possible to add new from the projects table for tasks and keep the project it’s related to?

The other issue I’m having is I will have a bunch of materials or tasks related to a project. As a relation column it would be nice to only select materials or tasks that are related to the row in question from the drop down selection. But instead I get every row from those tables even if they are not related to the project I’m trying to select from. Is there any way to limit the selection from relation columns to one’s that are related to that project?

Hi @phil_purdy,

It’s much easier for me and others to help you if you share your doc with us. We can take a look into the formulas and everyone can make a copy of the document so we don’t get in the way of each other.

Please follow this guide to share your doc with us:

You can also create a dummy doc and share that if your original doc contains private data.

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