Update relation in related table based on filter

In the following example doc, it used to be the case (at least a year ago) that if I created “Project B” by entering it in the Tasks table’s “Projects” column, after selecting a client (let’s say Client A), a new project would be created with Client A in its client column.

However, this is no longer the case. A project is created, but it’s not populating the “Clients” column in the projects table with Client A.

The ramification of this is that “Project B” will now not be displayed in the Projects list (which is filtered by Tasks.Client=Projects.Client) until I manually edit the project row to populate the client.

Hi @Oded_Davidov

please tell me if that fixes your solution:


Hi @Jannis.
Thank you!
Unfortunately this does not solve my issue.

My goal is that by doing the following in the tasks table alone:

  1. Add a new task
  2. Select “Client A”
  3. Create a new project by typing a new project name (say “Project C”) in the Projects column

That “Project C” will be created in the Projects table and be as associated to Client A.
A project is indeed created but it is not associated to the client specified in the task.

Again - I have a big convoluted doc where this used to be the case, but it stopped happenning quite a while back (about a year ago).

I know I could first create the project and manually select a client, but it’s an extra step I’d very much like to avoid.

This was one of the reasons I went with coda over notion and the likes, and it saddens me that’s it’s no longer the case.

Hopefully there’s some way to achieve that functionality again.

Hello, I can share an example that I think will help you. (if I understand correctly what you want to do)


Sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately that does not solve the issue.
I do not wish to create the project separately.
I’m just trying to recreate something that had already worked like that in the past but stopped working (in the same document, with the same tables and the same configuration - one day (for more than a year) it worked, and then it stopped working).

When creating a task and selecting a client, and THEN selecting a new project, I want that project to be created AND associated with the task’s client.

Again - this used to be the case, but it no longer is for some reason.

Hi @Oded_Davidov,

You could use the “Value for New Rows” option.

You can copy paste this in:

There is one major caveat in that .Last() may not always be last however it would all depend on your setup. In most cases from this example it should always end up with the correct information as the filter protects you.

My tests show it working fine.

Please give it a go and let us know how you get on.

All the best


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