Select a Client in column A, to only see their Projects in Column B

I’m making a table to manage projects for my business. We have clients, and each client has their own projects. Projects for one client are unique to them, with many different names.

Is there a way to make one column for the Client Name, and based on the selection in that column, only have that particular client’s Project Names available in another column on the same row?

Ideally users will be able to select client and project from a list, and be able to add new ones on the fly. I want to see all clients and their projects together in one table, so that I can filter the table for each staff member (who will be assigned in another column).

Hi Ed,

Could you provide an example of your table structure?

Typically one would have a row with the client, the project and the staff member. But you mention you want to have a row with the client and all projects. If you have that, then there is no need for a filter/ functionality to achieve what you are asking for.

Thanks Piet. Here is a rough version of the table. Sorry wasn’t sure how to share the live table.

The Client column would be a select list (or similar). Once a Company is selected, only that Company’s projects are available for selection in the Project column of that row. Any Designer can be selected for any row.

Ok, This is relatively simple, once you know. Took me ages though… :wink: I do think that Coda has made it easier in the meantime as well. Originally one had to write a formula.

First, you need a mapping table, so Coda knows which project (sub-Tag), belongs with which clietnt (Tag.)

Then, in the table where you want the link

In the Project/ Sub-tag column, you enter a filter. Coda should propose the formula client = client.



PS - You can add new entries from the “main” table but I have not yet been able to maintain the link in the client/project mapping table. That has to be done manually.


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