Project tasks template

For a project management doc, I have a template table with recurrent types of projects and corresponding phases, tasks, subtasks and subtasks dependencies.

For creating a new project, I have a button in a view of the “DB Projects” that adds the template tasks to the new project:

[TEMPLATE Subtasks by type of projet].Filter([Type of project]=thisRow.[Type of projet]).ForEach(
[All subtasks],
[All subtasks].Projet ,
thisRow.[Project name],
[All subtasks].[Type de projet] ,
thisRow.[Type of projet],
[All subtasks].Phase ,
[All subtasks].Task ,
[All subtasks].Subtask ,
[All subtasks].Notes ,
[All subtasks].[Blocked by…] ,
CurrentValue.[HELPER Blocked by To text]
ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.[Subtasks from the template added], True() ))

All these new subtasks are created in the table “All subtasks”.

The problem is when it passes on the template values of the dependencies - relation column “Blocked by…” in “All subtasks”, with the filter:
CurrentValue.Projet=thisRow.Projet and ID!=thisRow.ID

The first time I create a new project of type “Local”, for example, it works (the column “Blocked by…” gets the values from the template and they are a relation value.

If I create a second “Local” type of project (or a third…), it doesn’t work any more… the values are there, but it’s just text, it doesn’t select the value from the relation.

Why is it doing this?

An example doc:


… someone? anyone?.. pleeease?..

Share exemple with fake data, it will be easier to help you

Hi! I did…

yes sorry, I’ll help you :wink:

Normally, if I understand correctly, it works well. :wink:

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Thank you so much!!!

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