Project tasks template - multiple blocker tasks

Continuing from my previous post (Project tasks template):

For a project management doc, I have a template table with recurrent types of projects and corresponding phases, tasks, subtasks and subtasks dependencies.

For creating a new project, I have a button in a view of the “DB Projects” with a formula that adds the template tasks to the new project.

@Math_24 fixed this formula, so that when the template tasks are created, the value of the template’s blocker task passes on to this task…

The problem is it only does so if I have only 1 blocker task. If I have 2, it doesn’t pass any value (check, for example, the “DB” page > “TEMPLATE Subtasks by type of projet” table > type of project: Local > subtask: Photo shoot (blocked by 2 tasks) - if I create a new “Local” type of project and press the button “Btn Math”, the column “Blocked by” for the subtask “Photo shoot” is empty…

My doc:


Hello @Filipa_Didier
I changed the code in the button
You can check the code - I replaced a codeblock with one new line.
I can’t figure out what the old block is attempting to do, but I think it works now:
JM-Try done with old code, JM-Try 2 done with modified button code.

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Thank you Joost! But with the modified button code, the column “Blocks…” stays empty…

Sorry, I thought it worked. I will check when I am at a computer.

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Hello @Filipa_Didier ,
I rechecked the document - in your original post you didn’t mention the 'Blocks…" column, so I never looked at that.
I cleaned up some formulas and made it work. I am not sure I would build this document exactly like you did, but I guess you have your reasons for this setup.
Greetings, Joost