🤝 Join in our 1st Coda community collab - Goal / OKR Tracking

The mad scientists :man_scientist::woman_scientist: in the Coda laboratory are looking to build the perfect template for companies, teams, and individuals to build, manage, and connect their goals or OKRs. We’re drawing back the curtain!

Between now and end of day Friday, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you think about the following:

  • The most important things the goal / OKR template should do – what should be the features?
  • Any stumpers you’ve run into trying to build your own goal template
  • Also feel free to brag about your own templates!

On Friday, we’ll reveal an in process template for you to weigh in on. Start your countdowns now :timer_clock:


Hi folks…

Weighing in here: We used to use a specific SAAS platform for OKRs (7geese) and have moved them to coda;

Core constructs for us:

  1. We run OKRs by teams but aggregate them into Activities - i.e. a client team may work on Objectives that relate both to delivery and sales. We find that looking at the business this way has a less silo’d impact. Every team contributes to the formation of the OKRs and we go through a very iterative process to arrive at a final set
  2. In terms of the coda doc, we have 2 core tables:
    a) Objectives and
    b) Key results

We join these together using the objective (you need some filter the selectable items to the Qtr and Activity or you end up with an unmanageable list…The key issue we’ve found is the need to make it easy to enter the OKRs - see below

We calculate the final OKR score using a Must and Should mechanism on the KRs (not all Krs are equal), and a simple slider for the KR score

After that it’s simply a question of making a good set of views, with filters - in weekly review meeting to see how we are tracking against the objectives we tend to do this by OKR owner - so we’ll take an Activity (e.g. Selling) then to through them using the OKR owners…

Be happy to share the template, but need to sanitise it first…