Keep Close in Coda (on Product Hunt today!)

Hello community,

My wife and I have been working on a template through the Coda Maker program to help build better friendships by being disciplined in trying to be a better friend yourself. Keep Close can help remove the burden of trying to remember & prioritize all the people you are trying to get or stay close to.

Each day, access the Keep Close dashboard on any device to get a prioritized list of who best to initiate connection with that day. In just a couple clicks you can, from Keep Close, call, text or email that friend immediately — thus removing the latent anxiety of knowing you want to build relationships but just can’t get around to it yet. You can even get a semi-prompted draft message if deciding what to say gives you the most trouble.

We are launching on Product Hunt this evening/tomorrow and would love your support to check it out and upvote tomorrow!


You can find us on product hunt here, thanks!

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