Last updated/created date from the list pages API? (<doc ID>/pages)

Does anyone know if it is possible to retrieve the last updated date or created date from the Coda API when listing the pages in a document? I would love to have a way to create a way to list all pages that have been updated/created since I last looked at a document. When working with a larger team I often miss update or new pages in a document as they are often buried as subpages in a document.

API I am referring to


It appears that the API doesn’t return date information about pages. It does for rows.

It was recently mentioned in this forum that they’re now working on allowing pages to exist as rows. Once that’s released, one assumes that date information about pages will available via API.

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Thanks @Ander Yeah it does seem like you can return data on rows but not really the ideal setup for what I am looking for as I really just need a way to get a digest of the changes to better keep up with my team’s updates.

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@Al_Chen_Coda I know you have replied to a few other API questions wondering if you have any insight into some possible solutions

Unfortunately there’s no way right now to get the last modified date using the API. There aren’t any native formulas yet for referencing pages either (except for the Gmail Pack). We hope to add this to the API soon!

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Thanks for the update @Al_Chen_Coda really look forward to this getting added to the API as it could really help keeping track of what pages have changed since you last looked at a document. When you have a large team working on a document or documentation the current setup is next to impossible to know what is going on without looking at each page.

+1 on this functionality and would be great if it’s available as a formula as well.

@Al_Chen_Coda Any updates on when this could be added to the api? Not having the ability to get a digest of page updates is really challenging with larger teams

No updates on this yet, unfortunately :pensive: