Launched: Checklists & Quote Styles [FREE]

FYI, I came up with a hack to convert checklists into rows in a table. Could be useful if e.g. you’ve just typed meeting notes as a plain checklist and want to convert that into tasks without having to retype everything again

Any news about that request? I just want to be able to add a button that add text in a column with checklists. Just adding don’t seems to work through formula.

Is :: highlighted text :: also on your radar?

Dear @JosXa,

Unless I misunderstood your question, it’s possible in Coda to add the highlight format in several colors.

Ah, yes - point was to have the markdown syntax available for that (double :: ). However I suppose with all the different colors you might aswell use a slash command for it. Nevermind me! :+1: