Launched: Even better collaboration in Coda

@Yuriy_Mykhasyak It seems that overall Coda takes an “open bar” approach: everybody can almost see everything. See, for instance, the topic ““Search” unfortunately reveals all “hidden” pages, all hidden data”. It is, in practice, quite hard to hide information. Let’s assume that you have some email addresses or some other personal information stored in a table. Even if you try to hide the table, the page, or whatever, Coda search will happily reveal everything to everybody. The global search ruins everything. As you mentioned “it is not like it should work in a business environment.” But unfortunately, that’s how Coda works so far. When you enter an open bar, you can have whatever you want for free, but don’t expect to have some privacy. This is just not the spirit. For many years now, people have been complaining about the hidden stuff. We never got an answer from Coda. It seems that nobody cares. Instead of hiding the global search button, Coda adds more and more ways to improve the search, which is great. Coda is a really great tool, fantastic indeed, but it is built to share information… If you don’t want to share everything, then the tool is far from perfect. Maybe at some point, Coda will move beyond the open bar philosophy. In the mean time I agree, as you say, “it is not like it should work in a business environment”.