Launched: Grid (simple tables)

Shouts of joy all over the community…:wink:


Great! Amazing! yeah!

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Thank you for hearing our feedback! Can I say that I really appreciate that it’ll be called something different entirely? I think grid fits perfectly. Thanks Coda!


i am so happy that this has been released. Such a simple but effective feature to stop the bloat of tables associated with every table being a data table. As it is it makes a difference, espacially when part of a wiki or text within a canvas column, so common with meetings.

After trying out the beta, my suggestions going forward are:

  1. Build in the ability to merge celle horizontally and vertically to allow the grids formatting to be flexible. In many ways this is why we would use grid as opposed to tables. I can see how using the layouts could allow this to be cludged together, however, not elegantly
  2. All gridline changes and shading colours for cells to allow these grids to standout.
  3. The copy grid menu item seems to work, however, when you just select and copy, the grid becomes a data table.
  4. Allow the properties of a grid to be changed - cells and columns, alternating colours, column header and row headers.

I understand these may be incremental and maybe not even possible, however they would go a long way towards making them useful widespread and differentaite them from. The grids I have used seem stable.

Thanks you for letting us be part of the beta.


I agree with above, and THANK YOU SO MUCH, Coda for giving us these simple tables!

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This is great, thank you!

Out of curiosity, will we be able to programmatically create a grid, or is it purely a formatting structure?

Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative.

I don’t know if Coda plans to keep Grid completely static in the future, so that the columns always keep the width you give them, regardless of the screen width, and you’ll always have to scroll horizontally as soon as the table width exceeds the screen width.
I think, in some cases, it would also be practical to have a function that adjusts the table to the page width.

It would also be nice to be able to give columns and rows a background color and to format header column and header row.


Any idea when this will be released?

Expect a release in an upcoming update. A beta version of simple tables called “Grid” is already available for those who signed up for testing.

Hi everyone, thank you for your insight and feedback as our team has iterated on grid. I’m excited to share that we’ve now launched grid for all users, so everyone can create and share beautiful layouts in their docs!

As for what’s next, the team is exploring the potential of additional functionality for grids that you’ve requested, such as cell colors. We will keep you updated as we progress and welcome your continued feedback.