Launched: Updates to help you find the right content in Coda

You and your team have a lot of content scattered within and across your Coda docs. We’ve recently added a host of features that let you find the right content quickly and easily.

Starting with search: We’ve made a few big changes to how you can search across all of the docs in your workspace to make finding the right page and doc less like finding a needle in a haystack. These features will make it easier for you to find the right content, faster.

july search filters

Previously, we only showed the best match per doc in workspace search results, which sometimes made it hard to find specific pages. Now, you can search for both docs and pages in your workspace, making it easy to jump right into the exact page you’re looking for.

In addition to being able to see pages in workspace search, we’ve added search filters so you can narrow down your search results by using criteria like date range, folder name, doc owner, and more. This means that you can easily find the information you need without having to sift through all the search results.

We’ve also added support for in-doc search on Coda’s mobile app, so you can find the information you’re looking for on the go.

Next, we’re introducing universal search, a single search bar at the top of your page list that allows you to search in-doc and across all your documents. Without needing to leave the doc you’re working in to search for content that might live somewhere else in your workspace, you can avoid additional context switching to more efficiently create and find what you need in Coda.

The workspace homepage has also seen a couple of recent improvements. It’s easy for important docs and templates to get lost amongst the multitude of docs that can live in a workspace. To mitigate this, we’ve added a new trending docs tab to help everyone in your workspace see and be inspired by what docs being frequented by their teammates.


Additionally, customers on our Team and Enterprise plans can now pin key docs or templates to the workspace. All users in the workspace can immediately find these important docs and new users joining the workspace can easily and quickly get up to speed on the docs they need.

We recommend pinning company-wide resources like:

We can’t wait to see how you use these new and improved capabilities to supercharge your Coda workflow. Let us know what you’re most excited about below!


These are wonderful incremental additions that will certainly be helpful.

However, I have a feeling that a truly reimagined “search” (or findability feature as I often call it) is likely to be a function of AI. This further suggests that a workspace and all that you have access to becomes the basis for a fine-tuned model. Each Coda user should be able to have access to a model that serves as an overarching ball of intelligence. Indeed, we want to chat with ourselves. In so doing, you ostensibly eliminate the very concept of “search” and replace it with something far more powerful.


Exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!


Amazing work! Nice job :smile:


This might be seem like an odd request/question, but is the opposite of universal search possible?

By that I mean have the search within a single document limited to only a few selectable tables or that meet certain conditions (like on visible pages only)?

In many of the docs that we utilize there is a lot behind the scenes (hidden pages) that my team does not need to engage or use directly and it would be helpful they did not show up in the results of the search.
For our purposes it would be better if the search sandbox could become smaller and more focused.

I should also say this is very cool, and could see myself using this in different conditions.


Hi Daniel - just in case it wasn’t obvious, there are a few features under “All Docs” that may help in this direction:

  • Hidden pages are deprioritized (are shown last in the list of the results)
  • Filters - these tend to apply to filtering at the doc level v.s. sub-doc level, but note that “last modified” should filter to pages only those that have been modified in the given window

That said, adding more ability to filter to results “in doc” resonates with the team here, and we hope we can continue to make improvements in this area to better support these kinds of use cases. Thanks for the great feedback!