Legal logistics for publishing a pack: Azure DevOps


I am new to Pack-making and I am developing a pack for Azure DevOps that has been useful personally, but now I am considering publishing it, at least as a beta, to get some external exposure.

My main concern, however, is going about this the right way, legally. Here are some of my top questions:

  • For the logo, I’d like to use the official Azure DevOps logo, but in order to do so, do I need to get explicit permission from Microsoft?
  • In some of the pack publishing documents, it mentions not representing a pack as being officially endorsed by a company. Again, do I need to get permission from Microsoft in order to publish an integration with their services or do I just make sure that it’s clear that I am the author and this is a 3rd party integration?

Any other advice to go about this the right way would be appreciated.

Hi @Skyler_Tolman - Exciting to hear that you may be publishing a Pack! I can’t provide you with any legal advice unfortunately, but I would consult Microsoft’s terms of service and developer policies in addition to Coda’s. You are integrating with two different developer ecosystems, each with their own set of rules. In general there are many Packs in the gallery that integrate Coda with another service, where the Pack maker is not an employee of either company.