Line chart with times across successive dates?

I’m trying to create a line chart where the horizontal axis is dates and the vertical axis is times — essentially, plotting times as they correspond to respective, successive dates.

Excel does this with almost no difficulty. The one catch is that when a time after midnight appears (so the time logged might be 12:15 AM on Wednesday [for Tuesday] and then again 11:00 PM on Wednesday [for Wednesday]), Excel plots 12:15 AM as lower than 11:00 PM, when for these purposes it should be higher. To compensate for this, a formula cell adds 1 to the time, treating it like a number but displaying it as a time — so, 12:15 AM equates to 0.0104 and adding 1 makes it 1.0104. Displayed as a time, Excel still shows 1.0104 as 12:15 AM, but plots it above 11 PM on a line chart. The horizontal axis shows dates and the vertical axis shows times.

Using the same formulas, Google Sheets can also display this information, with time on the vertical axis and date on the horizontal access. Where there are two times for the same date (12:15 AM on Wednesday and 11:00 PM on Wednesday), both Excel and Google Sheets show both points, vertically in line with one another.

I can’t get Coda to do the same thing. First, even if Values is set to a column with time data, the vertical axis still shows decimal increments (1/24 increments, it seems).

Second, the only way to get the chart to show a date with 12 AM higher than a date with 11 PM is to use a column in Number format as the Values; unlike Excel or Google Sheets, even if I add the number 1 to a 12 AM time, Coda still treats that as 12 AM lower than 11 PM, not higher, when the column is set to Time format (put another way, Excel and Google Sheets let you “mask” a number result as a time and display that on a chart, but Coda doesn’t).

Third, I can’t figure how to just display individual points on a chart when, for instance, two times (vertical axis) correspond to the same day (horizontal axis). Coda seems to only display the Value as Average, Min, Max, etc., all of which either combines the two values for the same day or ignores one of them, rather than plotting them both.

Is there something I’m overlooking that would make this possible? I’ve attached an Excel screenshot and a sample Coda doc. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.