Line chart formatting issue


I’m having a very basic issue, at least it feels like one. It’s something I can easily achieve in Google Sheets, but I just cannot make it work in Coda. I would like to use Coda for this one because it the entire presentation more interactive.

Anyhow, my issue is that I just can’t make a basic line chart. My data is formatted as follows:

Category | Y1 | Y2 | Y3 | … | Y10
Category 1 | 1€ | 2€ | 3€ | … | 10€
Category 2 | 10€ | 20€ | 30€ | … | 40€

The goal is to present the data in a line chart that visualises year on year growth. But I feel stuck. I reckon that it has something to do with how Coda charts are able to present vertical and horizontal data? Can those be switched?

How do I make this happen on Coda?

Hi @Matias_Koskinen ,

Welcome to the community.

I guess you need to transpose your data to make it fit the row based data base logic we apply in tables. I hope the below inspires you.

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks, that sounds sensible! Good to know how Coda works.

Is there a common way to transpose the data here? I can do my research too but am asking now that you are here. :smile:

hi @Matias_Koskinen ,

I wrote this contribution that includes a transpose logic. You apply a listcombine() to all alike data parts.

When you have a bit more complex set up, you should work a bit differently.
when all data sets are of equal size, you can have a logic like this. As you see below the columns with the listcombine() function go by the prefix hlpr

I hope it helps,
cheers, Christiaan

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