Link to tables by id


Hello there,

I have some troubles using LOOKUP() on a table.
Basically I have a Client Table with following structure
Client Name | ID
And another Project Table with following structure
Project Name | Client ID

I want to add a column to Project which is called Client
I tried to add this formula :
Lookup([List of clients], [List of clients].[Beebole ID], thisRow.[Company Id])
Problem is that in Client value I have all the Client for each line when I only have one number for the client ID.

Do you see something wrong in the command LOOKUP ?



Hi @Thoma_BIGUERES can you try this -
Lookup([List of clients], [Beebole ID], thisRow.[Company Id])

You don’t need the name of the table in the second parameter.


Thank you so much ! It works like a charm !

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